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The following exercises will help school-age children learn about themselves, their needs, powers, weaknesses, who they are, and what they aspire to be.

The work on self-esteem is divided into pillars that are important in building it. These pillars are self-awareness, self-acceptance, assertiveness, taking responsibility for oneself, purposeful living, and integrity. Exercises have been prepared for each pillar, of which there are as many as 40. The exercise form is designed for children aged 12 to 14. Teenagers at that time are searching intensely, asking themselves: who am I, what is my meaning to others, what can I do, what are my needs? Our cards will help the child discover their resources and potential. They will make him realize that he has the right to make mistakes, as well as learn from them. They will show that they have an impact on who they are, whom they can become, and their choices and decisions.

Children can complete the exercises independently or with support from parents, teachers, therapists, or coaches. The workbook also includes metaphorical pictures of talents and professions. We recommend checking out our “Children” and “Animals” exercise books for working with emotions and communication.


Self-esteem develops throughout life, but it is in childhood that we give it the foundation for further work. It’s not an easy task, because as adults we often don’t value our sense of self-esteem, so it’s hard for us to support children in doing so. And yet, childhood experience is an important start to building a path to great self-esteem. For a still developing person to recognize their value as something air-tight thinking: “I am important” we must not value them mainly for what kind of achievements or academic performance they have. Jesper Juul gives us a prescription for thinking of ourselves in a more valuable way: „I am a fine person and I have my values just because I exist”.

Children can do the exercises alone or with their parents, teachers, educators, therapists and coaches.


The prepared material creates tools useful for people working with children. They can be successfully used by coaches, educators, psychologists and therapists in their work. They will also be useful for parents who want to consciously work with children with children’s sense of value. The worksheets can be used for both individual and group work.

The author of the exercises is an early school and preschool education teacher, oligophrenopedagogist, therapeutic pedagogy therapist Izabela Łuczak

The exercises contain over 40 worksheets from the pillars important in building self-esteem:

  • What do I know about myself?
  • I accept myself.
  • Accountability is important.
  • My life has meaning and purpose.
  • I am assertive.
  • I am at peace with myself.




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